Chess Coaching

 We are excited to announce that we are finally rolling our chess coach pairing program! We have been working to create a database of coaches where most of them are from outside 32 Pieces CC. Any coach that you are paired with has gone through our vetting process. Here are the steps you can go through to get paired with a coach.

See our vetting process below.

Step 1) Fill out a form with your preferences in playing the game of chess. The form below asks you many questions about your chess ability as to pair you with the coach that matches the way you play and want to continue playing.

Fill out the form

Step 2) We will email you with the details of coaches that match your preferences. Every coach we pair you with has gone through our vetting process at least once. Lastly, if we do not have a coach that matches your indicated preferences, we will try our best to find one, vet them, and then send them your way! 

Vetting Process

We find coaches or look at coaches who have been referred to us from trustworthy sources.