USCF Membership FAQs

What is a US Chess Membership?

A US Chess Membership opens the door to competitive playing. A membership allows you to play in tournaments (in-person and online) and be assigned a rating by US Chess Federation. You do not need to be a certain skill level or have any specific qualifications to get a membership. Ratings are used to estimate a player's strength in the game.

Chart describing what percentage of US Chess Rated Players are a certain rating.

When should I get a Membership?

We recommend getting a membership based on your learning pace. While some players may learn faster with tournament playing, others can still enhance their skills using online resources. A membership is generally recommended for players rated 600 or higher on an online chess platform. Lastly, many players enjoy the tournament experience the membership provides and are not necessarily seeking to improve. 

How do I get a Membership?

1) Buy from Us!

Buying Memberships from us come at no extra cost and it helps support the club and its events. There is no difference between purchasing a membership from us or directly from US Chess.

Senior Membership

Adult Membership

Young Adult Membership

Youth Membership

Please fill out the form on right after purchasing the membership.

2) Buy from Directly from US Chess

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