Steps After Registration

Beginner Online Players

Step 1) Type in in your browser. One your screen you should see many time controls. Select one of them to play a match with someone random. This will give you a sense of how playing online works. 

Step 2) Click your username in the top right hand corner and a menu should pop up. In that menu, select preferences. Here you can decide how you would like to play a game. An important setting is move confirmation. With this setting on, it double checks that you have made the move you want to make and you have not misclicked (clicked on the wrong piece or square). The other side here is that it takes more time to make a move.

Step 3) You are now considered a seasoned online player. Follow the steps on the right.

Seasoned Online Players

Step 1) Join this team: This will allow you to participate in our tournaments. 

Step 2) On the day of the tournament, click the link above and join the tournament 15 minutes before it starts, to allow time for trouble shooting. Make sure you are joining the correct tournament.