NC Winter Tournament Recap

Quad 1

Daniel Cooper was unbeaten and took the trophy for the top quad. Players Omkar Maralappanavar, Dobrimir Nikolov, and Derek Snell fought well with most games going well over an hour. The last game was a nail-biter between Omkar and Daniel for the top spot, where both players ended the game with less than a minute on their clock. 

Quad 2

All players fought hard with wins all over the place. Aidan Chan decided to go with the Sicilian against Phoenix Bennett, which worked in his favor, while Christopher Middleton and Eve Root fought it out in the Four Knights. The position displayed shows Christopher's decisive move (Its a puzzle, try to find it!). Although two players emerged with a 1.5 and 2 points, Aidan pulled through with 2.5 winning the quad.

Quad 3

The first round of quad 3 took longer than an hour and a half, due to a long and hard fought game between Volunteer Sam Thomas and Louis Read. Meanwhile, Callum Young secured the win against Aidan Fry, and played another practice game after (which we do not know the result of 😁). Both Callum and Louis came out of the first rounds two unscathed. After battling it out, Louis won the quad.

Quad 4

Although all players were unrated, by no means were they beginners. Jason Lin and Rohit Singh opened Round 1 with a game that lasted 79 moves. Charlie Franz and Slok Mishra displayed their skills in 27 moves. By the end of the third round, Jason surfaced as the winner with a 3-0 win record. 

Quad 1 - Daniel Cooper

Quad 2 - Aidan Chan

Quad 3 - Louis Read

Quad 4 - Jason Lin (on the right)